Reduce The Juice Petition (WSOPC)

The WSOPC starts in approx 25 days and its time to insist on reducing the juice!! I want them to max out juice/rake at 10% for all events. Since some registrations may have already occurred the only way to reduce the rake is by increasing the Prize Pool! Please sign my petition in support of reducing the juice and putting those funds back in the hands of poker players. 

I believe its time for the WSOPC to start respecting poker players and stop using us as cash cows to extract more from every year. I was shocked and very disappointed to learn about the massive juice the WSOPC is taking from its circuit events.

I created this petition to protest the abysmal structure they have created that is slowly but surely draining the poker economy and lining their pockets.

$300+$65? $500+$80? Are they serious? The juice for the house is approaching 20% see the Juice Schedule Here. That is absurd and highly uncommon anywhere in the poker world (10% is more common). . Online most websites are 10% or significantly less. Why are we paying 80% more than 2 years ago to play in what was formerly known as the BCPC but now goes by WSOPC? The house juice used to be 10% on events see previous structre here

Having played in the BCPC several time including a 48th place finish in the 2010 main event I am very unhappy with these changes. Its a ripoff taking money from the poker players and poker economy and I encourage you to stand up and say enough is enough. Here is a step by step guide on how you can help…

What to do?

1) Sign my petition here. My goal is 250 signatures and I hope to speak with WSOPC tournament organizers about this issue. Lets get some momentum behind this the WSOPC is coming up in approx 45 days and it would sure be nice to see them place the additional funds in the prize pool. I am asking for a reduction to 10% rake/juice on all events.

2) I need help getting the word out on this. I will be tweeting and blogging about this at ThePokerCapitalist, but I need your help.

3) KEY STEP after signing the petition tweet the WSOPC the following

“In support of @PokerCapitalist and his petition I want @WSOPC To Reduce The Juice and increase the prize pool!”

4) Tweet your friends and retweet! Tweet me @pokercapitalist. Tweet Canadian poker players like @olegsmith (Gavin Smith), @mattjarvispoker (Matt Jarvis), @kidpoker (Daniel Negreanu) among others. I don’t know any of these people well, but I have played with both Gavin Smith and Matt Jarvis during the BCPC and they were both very pleasant and approachable.



1) If you are a recreational player think of it like this. Do you want to pay 80% more for gas than you did 2 years ago? How does $2.4 per litre gas sound? That sounds pretty terrible to me and that is essentially what these tournament organizers are doing. I for one would rather see the money go to fellow poker players than the house.

2) If you are a professional the reasons are much more significant. This is your livelihood. The WSOPC effectively just reduced your earnings by 10%. When you pay an additional $30 on a $300 tournament to buy-in it effectively reduces your long term ROI by 10%. Is this increase justifiable? Absolutely not. The games have not gotten softer…. There is no poker boom 2.0 happening. If anything the poker economy is still deteriorating and yet these guys insist on increasing their take by something like 80% on certain events in just 2 years!

There has been a long history of events steadily increasing the house take on events. Sadly, this has been detrimental to all the players who know and love playing tournament poker. It may seem relatively small and insignificant but it adds up and it does matter. We are a community and in this together, Its time to place pressure on tournament organizers to reduce the juice!

Lets get 250 signatures and get this rolling….. Sign Here


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  1. Kyle says:

    Are you not aware that there is a MILLION DOLLAR FREEROLL at the end of the circuit? Where do you think they get that money from? its the EXTRA JUICE. They aren’t going to change it, you are just oblivious to what the circuit is all about.

    • thepokercapitalist says:

      Lol I just don’t understand your attitude on this.

      1) The WSOP receives money from ESPN for broadcast rights….. I don’t see this in the prize pool anywhere? The fact is they say “we need the extra rake to cover x y and z. Then they forget to mention they are getting revenue from a b and c and not counting it…

      2) The WSOP needs things like the WSOPC to promote its brand because the brand brings in huge money in Las Vegas every year… Have you seen poker players dumping thousands of dollars in the pits at the Rio every year.. This doesn’t happen without the brand being strong. Yet they insist on making the brand strong on the backs of poker players from around the country by hitting us with obscene 20% juice 3) Is 30% juice ok if they say they need it? Why not 75%… This is bad for poker pros and has a negative drag on recreational players too (albeit less so)

      3) I believe the circuit is about making money for Caesars. Do you believe otherwise? Do you think they are operating it to lose?


  2. Poker Genius says:

    The rake is set by Caesar’s/Jack Effel&Crew. You can petition all you want. Notanging. BTW, lolz at 10% rake on multi-day events. Do you even consider the cost of hosting/ staffing large tournament series? Yes, WSOP-C has a tad high rake. But this isn’t a random nightly tournament. This WSOP branded. Too high? Don’t play. They won’t change.

    • thepokercapitalist says:

      Poker Genius,

      1) Right the rake is set by Caesars

      2) Of course there is a cost to hosting/staffing large poker tournaments. There is also a tremendous benefit. So am I aware of the cost side? Absolutely, I just think they are exaggerating it as an excuse to boost fees and ultimately profits and hiding the “Revenue side”. Have you considered the Revenue side? There is a very real benefit to having a full hotel at the River Rock. Have you considered how much overall gaming increases at the River Rock during the WSOPC? Have you considered the benefit to the brand? How that pays off in Las Vegas when thousands of poker players dump millions at craps on Caesars properties during the WSOP? There is a very real “Revenue” side that is hidden not reported and certainly does not get given back into tournament prize pools.

      2) I def agree on the point that its not changing until people step up and say enough is enough. The reality though is that if they keep trying to make profits on the backs of players by creeping rake higher it takes the money straight from the poker economy to Caesars. That money is mostly not returning and that is not good for Poker Players.


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